Dreams have to come true

1_AGurjanovWho among us does not believe in miracles? Like all small children, four-year-old Alexey (Alyosha) Guryanov from the city of Kemerovo with great hope wrote a letter to Father Frost on the eve of the New Year 2016. But Aloysha’s letter wasn’t quite what Father Frost would likely expect. The boy did not ask for toys and gifts, he longed to get access to a treatment centre which helps children with cerebral palsy, as Alexey is challenged with level II cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.3_AGurjanov

Our Charitable Foundation, “Happiness is” received the boy’s letter in the framework of our program of cooperation with “Father Frost Mail”.

At the request of the child’s mother – Tatiana, the Fund sponsored a course of rehabilitation at “Sakura” rehabilitation centre in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Alexey has been appointed a complex course of treatments, among which are the following:

–                     articulation massage

–                     exercises on fine motor skills

–                     horseback riding simulator exercise machine2_AGurjanov

–                     Tomatis listening program therapy

–                     adaptive and physiotherapy

–                     manual therapy with elements of kinesiotherapy

–                     reflexology

–                     a variety of massages

The results of this intensive course of treatments will not be immediately visible, but we are confident that the rehabilitation will show its results over a longer term and Alyosha will be able to run, ride a bike, and to grow and develop like other children of his age.