Dialysis center in Makhachkala

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The Republic of Dagestan outpatient dialysis center is located in Makhachkala  city core, a resort town surrounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. The center is equipped with high quality dialysis matshines. The center provides care to 108 patients with renal insufficiency, and the enrollment is still in progress. Competent doctors and nurses perform the procedure at the highest level. Due to understanding towards patients and medical social rehabilitation, patients don’t consider themselves ill and accept a new lifestyle. All procedures in the center are performed using health insurance funds.
We enroll patients from all regions of Russia in hemodialysis programs permanently or during the holiday season.


35 Tankaeva Str., Makhachkala, Respublika Dagestan, Russia


+7 872 2919437

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