Charity foundation


To put charity-related activity of the company in better order and to enhance its efficiency,  METACO LLP has established Schastie Est’ (Happiness Exists) Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation is essentially a non-commercial charity organization, which has no members, and has been duly established in accordance with laws of the Russian Federation and registered with the Moscow Department of the Federal Registration Service in its register of non-commercial organizations.

Charitable programs of the foundation are aimed at providing targeted help to:

  •  – Individual children suffering from hematological, onco-hematological, oncological, endocrinological, neurosurgical and immunological diseases, severe congenital anomalies of the maxillofacial area or locomotor apparatus, or from consequences of severe burn injuries;
  •  – State medical treatment and preventive care institutions;
  •  – Stationary institutions (departments) for providing social services to elderly and disabled persons;
  •  – Orphanages (including those for small children) etc;

Rehabilitation course for Maxim Kuznetsov

Maxim was born on April 24, 2009 with bilateral hip dislocation. From 2016-10-31 13.28birth, the boy suffered through a number of different operations, such as capsuloplasty, relocation of the whirlbone into the coxal cavity, installation of spokes and special coxitis plaster cast, as well as constant changes of plaster cast and leg positions under general anaesthesia.

To date, the boy’s primary diagnosis is – traction plexopathy of lumbosacral plexus with partial malfanctions on the left. Very often, the various operations and bandaging are accompanied by a ban on load-bearing on his legs, which means – walking is forbidden. Such restrictions, of course, invoke sadness, because Maxim, like all boys of his age, wants to go for a walk and to run and play without pain and restrictions. The best working solution to aid him are regular, tailored rehabilitation courses.

Maxim’s Mother, Svetlana applied for the help of our Charitable 2016-10-31 13.29Foundation “Happiness is” to support a new course of rehabilitation. Our Foundation has sponsored a course that could help Maxim with his condition – a tailored programme of rehabilitation in the Clinical and Research Institute of Emergency Children’s Surgery and Trauma in Moscow.

The course was very protracted and intensive. For almost two months specialists in physical therapy, massage and electrostimulation were engaged in working on Maxim’s progress. The treatments included electrophoresis and therapeutic taping, as well as lessons on the Reha-Stim simulator and BOS stabilometric platform. Maxim also attended consultations with a neurorehabilitation physician, trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and a physiotherapist.

We hope that this course will be the sure step towards Maxim’s dream to walk without pain.

Pavel Uzhakin started to enjoy speaking after the rehabilitation course

Pavel Uzhakin, from the city of Murmansk, is 11-years-old. The boy was born at 32 weeks’ of gestation, and was only able to breathe independently seven days after his birth. His life is an ongoing fight with a complex cerebral palsy; constant rehabilitations and muscle cicatricotomy surgeries using the Ulzibat method.

IMG_20160708_105454The continuing work with rehabilitation does, however bring positive results – the boy’s vision has improved, intracranial pressure has been reduced and the diagnosis of epilepsy has been revoked.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, Pavel is still unable to walk without support. Both he and his mother, Natalia did not lose heart and they continue to move towards their goal.

Natalya turned to our Foundation for help to sponsor a rehabilitation course in the centre Zhizn v dvizhenii (“Life in motion”) in Luginino, Moscow region. We gladly supported this very necessary treatment.

Over the 3 weeks, Pavel worked with a speech therapist, psychologist and IMG_20160708_110242defectologist. Additionally, he attended physical therapy, massage and music classes.

Through exercises, the boy became more mobile and the volume of his motor movements increased, while his spasticity decreased. Pavel started to understand speech more easily and his sounds and pronunciation became much clearer. As a result, he is now much more willing to communicated with his peers.

We wish Pavel and his family good health and patience on the way to their goal!

Rehabilitation course for Ibragim Archakov

Ibrahim was born in 2009 in the 33rd week of pregnancy. As a result of birth complications and prematurity, the boy was transferred to the premature unit with the diagnoses: cerebral hypoxia, severe intraventricular hemorrhage, intrauterine pneumonia, as well as a condition of post-ventilation. Further examination revealed additional diagnoses: periventricular leukomalacia, hypoplasia of the anterior frontal and temporal lobes, corpus callosum and cerebellar vermis, cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, as well as partial atrophy of the optic nerves.

ибрашкаThrough continuous rehabilitation and treatment, now at the age of 7, Ibragim is endeavouring and achieving his first independent steps.

At the request of his mother, Leila, our Foundation sponsored a course of rehabilitation for Ibragim in Galileo Med medical centre in Moscow. The course included classes based on the Vatslav Vojta method using a Galileo vibration plate as well as kinesio taping and comprehensive physical therapy.

Subsequently, the child has gained strength in his back, started walking more confidently and greatly overcame his fear to step on the weaker left leg.

We wish for Ibragim to continue his success and have many more future victories over his conditions!

Dolphin and Equine Therapy for Matvey Shahin

Matvey Shahin, from the city of Ryazan, is eight years old. Throughout his life, and DSC_0109with the support of his parents, he has been combating the effects of cerebral palsy, dystonic tetraparesis and dyskinetic syndrome, as well as mental and speech development delay.

Though 8 years old, Matvey can speak only a few words, and every additional word comes to him through months of training and treatment. As a result of continuous courses of DSC00111rehabilitation, the boy learned to walk, albeit not very confidently, and can manage short journeys up and down the stairs using the railing.

TDSC01186he dream of this child and his parents is for Matvey to go to school. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to continue with intensive training and rehabilitation courses.

Matvey’s mum, Oksana turned to our Foundation with a request for further help with his rehabilitation, and we responded by sponsoring courses at the Morskaya Zvezda (‘Starfish’) Dolphinarium for dolphin and equine therapy.

Matvey was able to undergo a rehabilitation course in the Dolphinarium, where he learn to swim with the dolphins on his own and also immensely enjoyed working with the horses.

It has long been known that rehabilitation procedures involving animals can invoke stunning results. We are confident that the new skills and positive emotions he has experienced will significantly aid in his recovery and bring Matvey closer to his dream.

Fighting against breast cancer

The World Health Organisation announced that October would be a Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This type of cancer predominantly affects women. Unfortunately, the death rate from this disease is elevated, with the main issue laying in late diagnostics. The detection of tumours at an early stage is crucial and raises the chances of being cured significantly.

Our Foundation received a request for help from Natalia Tihanskaya, diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, the diagnosis was made at an early stage, but the course of treatment was defined as a costly course of radiotherapy. We have sponsored both the diagnostics and the course of treatment for Natalia.

We wish Natalia good results, health and longevity!

Rehabilitation course for Katya Petochenko

Katya was born on November 22, 2013 at 24 weeks gestation weighing only 620 grams. Due to a heavy labour and extreme Screenshot_2016-10-04-21-59-20-1prematurity, the girl has a list of serious diagnoses – damage of the central nervous system, hydrocephalus syndrome, movement disorder, severe retinopathy of prematurity, symptomatic epilepsy and many others. She underwent a list of surgeries to preserve and improve her vision.

Due to the diagnosis of “symptomatic epilepsy” rehabilitation mustScreenshot_2016-10-04-21-55-38-1 be performed with extreme caution and constant supervision, however Katya and her parents do not despair and continue on with her rehabilitation.

Being almost three years old, Katya is able to hold her head, roll over, sit with support and is trying to crawl. The little girl understands speech, answers to simple requests and says words.

Katya’s mother, Diana asked for our help to secure a place for a school-year-long rehabilitation course 2016-2017 at Genesis rehabilitation centre in Moscow region and our Fund has concluded the agreement with the centre and already paid for the first stage.

Screenshot_2016-10-04-22-00-20-1The course includes sessions in several disciplines. Katya works with a neuropsychologist, speech therapist and a pathologist. The centre’s specialists noted positive results: Katya began to react better during her teachers’ tasks and requests and showed better compliance.

We wish Kate and her parents strength, patience, and the best results!

An additional rehabilitation course for Misha Galkin

Misha Galkin (born 28.11.2014) from Krasnogorsk is no stranger to our news bulletins.

IMG_5311This summer, Misha’s mother, Inna was in need of additional help and so appealed for assistance from our Charitable Foundation “Happiness is”. We were eager to help and contribute to the boy’s development, so we arranged and sponsored a rehabilitation course in ‘Galileo Med’ medical centre in Moscow.

In the centre, Misha underwent a course of massage using theIMG_5310 Vaclav Vojta method and Galileo vibration plate, as well as sessions with pathologists, physiologists and speech massage experts.


IMG_5313This intensive training approach yielded excelled results, wherein the boy became more active and coordinated; his head and back strengthened, while his hands and feet became less tense and more under his control. Misha also became more aware of his limbs and their actions and was able to perform simple tasks.

Speech massage brought its own wonderful results, which became evident when IMG_5312Misha started to babble actively and speak with syllables. He even said his first words – “mama”, “dada” and “nana”.

Usually, after such a rehabilitation course the full effect is achieved after two or three weeks post completion. We are hoping that Misha continues to go from strength to strength with his positive results.

7-year-old Sofia Meller greatly benefited from dolphin therapy

IMG_4460Sofia Meller is a very communicative and cheerful girl from the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

Sofiyka, as her mother affectionately calls her, was born on August 4, 2009 in a very serious condition, without making a sound and without a heartbeat. The child was immediately connected to a ventilator and was transferred to the intensive care unit, where she spent several weeks.

As a consequence of a difficult birth came the diagnoses – severe perinatal CNS IMG_4381damage, cerebral palsy and hyperkinetic syndrome.

Being seven years old, Sofia understands everything and perseveres with crawling and walking with assistance. She loves to paint finger paintings, sculpt with dough and play in the sand.

Sofia’s mother, Yuliana asked our Charitable Foundation “Happiness is” to sponsor a course of dolphin therapy in the Dolphinarium located in the town of Anapa, on the coast of the Black Sea.

IMG_4462We gladly arranged the course of psychological correction with the participation of dolphins, as well as round trip tickets for Sofia and her mother from Nizhny Novgorod to Anapa and back to Nizhny Novgorod.

Classes at the dolphinarium comprised of many and varied activities. Sofia stroked a dolphin with her hands and feet, doused it with water, threw plastic rings for it and listened to sonar – ultrasounds of dolphins, which positively affect the brain cortex of a child. And, of course, she tried the most important activity – riding on a dolphin and holding its fins.

Sofia experienced many positive emotions as she learned to communicate and overcome her fears. As a result, her emotional development benefited, as well as speech development in the form of using new syllables.
We wish the Meller family further progress and success!

Celebrating the success of the rehabilitation programme for 2-year-old Artem

image (1)Artem Vasiliev was born on September 29, 2014 in the city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area of Russia. For the first few months of his life he grew and developed according to expectations for his age and his health didn’t present any apparent issues.

At 8 months old, Artem was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and high intracranial pressure. The cause of his condition was a cyst in his brain. Despite successfully conducted bypass surgery, it was required to remove the cyst, which would have otherwise continued to grow and harm the child.image

Unfortunately, the cyst removal surgery resulted in a massive brain haemorrhage. Artem spent two months in intensive care in a completely unconscious state. He was subsequently discharged to go home in a poor condition with the diagnosis – minimally conscious state (MCS).

In order to improve the boy’s condition, he requires constant intensive rehabilitation courses, as well as continuous training with qualified professionals.

image (2)At the request of Artem’s mother, Julia, our Charity Foundation sponsored a course of rehabilitation at Galileo-Med Medical Centre in Moscow.

The course has included sessions of different techniques (methods of Vaclav Vojta, Castillo Morales) and included kinesio taping, as well as exercises using a ball and a vibrating platform.

The range of activities and exercises worked wonders for Artem – the muscle tension in his legs decreased, while the muscle tone of his arms significantly increased, and that has been accompanied by an increased duration of conscious time. The boy is even trying to hold his head up by himself now.

This course brought major benefits to Artem’s condition and we wish him further successes with his rehabilitation.

VeloDoctor for Maxim Volkov

Maxim Volkov is a boy of 14 years old from the Perelozhnikovo village, Vladimir region.

Maxim was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with a syndrome of motor disorders – a consequence of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.full_17240b

Through constant rehabilitation, Maxim is now able to walk, but what he cannot yet do is ride a bike.

Knowing about his dream for a special bicycle developed for children with cerebral palsy, the Foundation sponsored the purchase and delivery of a VeloDoctor “Start 4”.

Riding this bike is part Maxim’s physical therapy as, when riding the bike, a child develops the leg and hand muscles, strengthens the back muscles and, consequently improves the coordination of movements. We hope that the sessions on the bike will not only be a wonderful pastime, but also benefit the health of Maxim.

Help for Nastasia Shimchenko-Varganova

IMG-20160803-WA0005Nastasia is a real gift to her mother as she was born in the International Women’s Day – 8th March 2014. Unfortunately, the girl was transferred to the hospital of infectious diseases and later discharged with a serious diagnosis – hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy of a moderate grade. Later, however, several other diagnoses were made: thoracic kyphosis and severe bilateral hearing loss.

Nastasia constantly undergoes various rehabilitation courses and has experienced some improvement.  Being two years old, she is able to independently sit, stand and walk under the support of an adult’s arms, but the most important development is that she responds to sounds and repeats some of the syllables and words.  Currently, it is of great importance for her to constantly engage in hearing and speech development.

At the request of Nastasia’s mother, Alla, our Foundation sponsored a course of IMG-20160802-WA0007rehabilitation at “Tosha & Co.” Audiologic Rehabilitation Centre in the town of Fryazino, Moscow Region.

The course was very intensive and involved Nastasia working with speech therapists and audiologists, as well as attending music classes.

IMG-20160809-WA0000Speech therapists worked on her development of language skills and were also focussed on the intellectual development of the girl.

Audiologists taught Nastasia to distinguish between sounds and learn various instruments by their sounds.

Music lessons were about warming up, playing ball and running around on mats with different surfaces – all under the sounds of music.

The rehabilitation course benefited Nastasia as evidenced by her development of some new sounds and her greater interest to the world around her.

Yegor Chursanov has completed a course of rehabilitation

IMG_2531Within the Chursanov family, from Voronezh, there are twins being raised – Ira and Yegor, born March 10, 2014. Unfortunately, the birth was difficult and both children became subject to intensive care. After 1.5 months in the hospital, Ira was discharged home, but unfortunately, Yegor had a more difficult case: he suffered from brain hypoxia. The boy spent a month on a medical ventilator, underwent heart surgery and was discharged home with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis and consequently, Yegor requires constant rehabilitation.

At the request of the mother of the twins, the Foundation sponsored a course of rehabilitation for Yegor at “Galileo-Med” medical centre.IMG_2297

This rehabilitation course included: Vaclav Vojta reflex locomotion therapy, Bobath therapy, Castillo Morales neurophysiological therapy, speech therapy, kinesio taping, as well as exercises with a fitball and Galileo vibration training plate.

IMG_2562The results exceeded all expectations: Yegor considerably strengthened his back, became more active, the volume of his movements increased, and the quality of movements improved, leading to decreased spasticity. The boy began to spend more time in a seated position and ceased crossing his arms and legs and throwing his head back. Most importantly, Yegor began to stand on all fours and is now trying to move his legs.

We are very pleased with the successes of Yegor and wish for him continued improvement.

The second course of rehabilitation for Nikita Shishkov has been completed 

A few days ago ended the second course of rehabilitation for Nikita Shishkov in China. We have already IMG_4949written about this child and his serious condition – autism. Before undertaking the rehabilitation courses, Nikita was unable to speak. Learning new skills, communication, game-play and such activities came to Nikita with great difficulty.IMG_4944

The first course of rehabilitation he went through, in the spring of 2016, brought amazing results, and his parents heard him speak his first so long awaited words. Further training was absolutely crucial to cementing this earlier success.

IMG_4945At the request of Nikita’s mother, Irina, our Charitable Foundation sponsored a further course for him in the rehabilitation centre in Yanjiao, China.

After a very intensive program of treatment, which included injections, IVs, and acupuncture, the boy returned home with some wonderful achievements. Nikita was able to pronounce many new words; he now is learning to interact with his peers, and his neurologist noted positive dynamics.

We are happy for the new successes of Nikita and wish him to move only forward!

Charity project “Zodchestvo”

 Zodchestvo is an architectural style influenced by the Byzantine era and is mainly used for church buildings which form part of Russian cultural and historical heritage. We strongly believe that the preservation of such heritage is of great importance to mankind, and such monuments constructed of timber are extremely fragile, but nevertheless essential to preserve.

Our Charitable Foundation, “Happiness is” as part of the “Revival project” took the decision to restore the wooden Chapel of St. George, which was built in 1779 in the village of Nermusha in Arkhangelsk region.

Restoring such an architectural monument is a long, detailed and labour intensive process. We have signed an agreement with “Masterskaya Zodchego” LLC for the development of project restoration documentation and further approval with the relevant authorities charged with the protection of cultural heritage objects.

Social Project in the city of Magadan

 As part of the continuous work of our “Happiness is” Charitable Foundation on social projects in the regions of Russia, we are now sponsoring the delivery of hot meals to low-income and low-mobility seniors in the city of Magadan.

Pensioners will receive complimentary full meals delivered to their doors 7 days a week. We have ensured that the lunches are full of nutritional value and will include a salad, soup and a main course, as well as bread and a drink.

We will continue to work further on the social support of older people.

Help for Nikita Sapaev

DSC02691 The Sapaev family from the Bryansk region of Russia have two children, Marina (born in 2002) and Nikita (born in 2009). Unfortunately, children’s parents were immediately faced with an alarming diagnosis for both children shortly after their birth – cerebral palsy.DSC02690

During years of rehabilitation and treatment, Nikita managed to achieve good results and is able to sit and crawl, as well as stand with support and attempts to walk.

DSC02689Natalia, the mother of Nikita and Marina, approached our Foundation for help in funding a course of rehabilitation for her son at the University Headache Clinic in Moscow. We were happy to support this family by funding the course.

Through treatments supervised by various specialists, as well as sessions of massages and metameric pharmacological acupuncture, Nikita’s condition improved remarkably. His muscle tension decreased, which helped the boy to begin walking with more confidence.

We wish Nikita continuous success in his difficult path to recovery.

Dreams have to come true

 1_AGurjanovWho among us does not believe in miracles? Like all small children, four-year-old Alexey (Alyosha) Guryanov from the city of Kemerovo with great hope wrote a letter to Father Frost on the eve of the New Year 2016. But Aloysha’s letter wasn’t quite what Father Frost would likely expect. The boy did not ask for toys and gifts, he longed to get access to a treatment centre which helps children with cerebral palsy, as Alexey is challenged with level II cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis.3_AGurjanov

Our Charitable Foundation, “Happiness is” received the boy’s letter in the framework of our program of cooperation with “Father Frost Mail”.

At the request of the child’s mother – Tatiana, the Fund sponsored a course of rehabilitation at “Sakura” rehabilitation centre in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Alexey has been appointed a complex course of treatments, among which are the following:

–                     articulation massage2_AGurjanov

–                     exercises on fine motor skills

–                     horseback riding simulator exercise machine

–                     Tomatis listening program therapy

–                     adaptive and physiotherapy

–                     manual therapy with elements of kinesiotherapy

–                     reflexology

–                     a variety of massages

The results of this intensive course of treatments will not be immediately visible, but we are confident that the rehabilitation will show its results over a longer term and Alyosha will be able to run, ride a bike, and to grow and develop like other children of his age.

Our Charitable Foundation continues to support St.Sofia Orthodox Children’s Home

 St.Sophia Orthodox Orphanage in Moscow is home to 22 children with various health challenges. Our special children are in constant need of tailored medical care and consultations.IMG_4574

At the request of St.Sophia’s management, our Charitable Foundation “Happiness is” has extended the contract with the medical centre to provide the permanent support of a paediatrician for the children living in an orphanage.

Medical support is crucial not only to minimise the incidences of childhood illness but also to maintain overall health level.

 Charitable Foundation presented reports for 2015

 In accordance with Russian legislation, our Charitable Foundation has provided company reports on its activities in 2015 and a notice of intention to continue its activities in 2016 to the General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region.


 In today’s society it increasingly comes to understanding the we need to help the most socially vulnerable people – pensioners.

Older people tend to have low mobility and are extremely vulnerable part of the society when it comes to social issues. They come across a range of problems, one of which is low income.

Wanting to change the quality of life of older people for the better, our Charitable Foundation “Schastie est’” (“Happiness is” successfully implements social project of delivering lunches to seniors in the city of Krasnogorsk, Moscow region. Every day, our wards receive hot meals delivered to the door free of charge.

Understanding the importance of and the need for social projects in the regions of Russia, we started to implement a similar project in the Magadan region. In the near future the project will be started directly in the city of Magadan.


 20160322_BasharovaLena1Elena Basharova is a cute smiling girl who recently turned three years old. Until last summer, Lena was a normal kid, developed by age. Trouble came suddenly. Falling from the slide in the kindergarten turned into a terrible diagnosis: stroke, right hemiparesis, speech apraxia, central paresis of mimic muscles on the right side. Regular courses of rehabilitation helped to achieve positive results: the speech has returned, right hand started moving a little bit. Now the most important thing is to keep up with regualar 20160322_BasharovaLenarehabilitation.

At the request of Elena’s parents, the Foundation has sponsored a course of rehabilitation at “Galileo Med” Medical Centre in Moscow.

Rehabilitation course has included sessions on Vaclav Vojta method using Galileo vibration plate, as well defectology classes.

We hope that the results were not long in coming, and Lena could fully recover!



The long20160328_SH_2-awaited and long-term rehabilitation of Nikita Shishkov has ended. Last week Nikita and his mother returned from China (we have already written about this family).

The trip was eventful and productive. With Nikita were engaged masseurs and acupuncturists, he also had an examination of neurologist and underwent various injections and IVs.20160328_SH_1

Despite the painful procedure, Nikita went courageously through the entire course, which lasted a month! And the long-awaited result did not wait. Nikita began to repeat simple words: “ball”, “bye-bye”, “give” and, of course – “mommy”!

We wish the family of Shishkovs to consolidate and multiply the results!

The Foundation launched a new social project “Hot meals for seniors”

 The Fund continues with its projects to assist the elderly and agreed on the need to further support those most in need of social protection – single seniors with limited mobility.

METACO charity foundation developed a project to provide meals daily to senior citizens and has signed a contract with a catering organisation to coordinate the delivery of hot meals to the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow. Our wards will receive free, hot meals daily, straight to their homes.

In March 2016, the Fund paid for a rehabilitation course at “Galileo-Med” Medical Centre for two-year-old Misha Galkin.

We first published information about Misha’s story in November 2015. This child lives with cerebral palsy, partial atrophy of the optic nerves and other related diagnoses. Thanks to the exercises that he undergoes at home with the assistance of his mother, as well as regular various courses of rehabilitation, Misha is gradually moving toward living a full life. Going fMishaG1_201602orward, the main thing for Misha is to continue with his treatment sMishaG2_201602o as not to stall his progress.

In March 2016, Inna, Misha’s mother, felt compelled to turn to us for help once more. At her request, the Foundation signed an agreement with the “Galileo-Med” Medical Centre and financed the majority of the cost of the rehabilitation course at the centre. The course was tailored to Misha’s needs and included sessions using a specially developed vibration platform called a Galileo plate, exercises incorporating a fitball, Kinesio taping, as well as a course with MishaG3_201602a speech therapist and a defectologist, which included special logopedic massage.

In general, the rehabilitation course results tend to appear gradually over 2-3 weeks, however, in this case, the first signs of improvements are already visible. Misha started supporting himself in a more stable fashion with his hands, while his left hand, which had less mobility, improved very quickly and became more mobile. Other positive changes include a general strengthening of his back muscles, a greater range of motion and increased general physical activity, while muscle tension has decreased. We hope that the skills and progress attained by undertaking the course of rehabilitation will remain in effect in this child’s daily life.

Foundation is to help Lubov Krayushkina in her fight for life

In early February 2016, our charity foundation received a request for help from a young woman named Lubov Krayushkina, who, for the last six years has been fighting with Pseudomyxoma peritonei, which is a rare type of cancer.

The condition requires complex treatment, which includes the complete removal of all tumors and undergoing intraperitoneal chemotherapy. If all tumors are not completely removed from the patient, they will continue to grow and secrete mucin, which is a substance that begins to accumulate in the abdomen.

Lubov has endured numerous operations and courses of chemotherapy during her fight against this condition. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure available for this disease and Lubov continues to battle against fluid accumulation in her abdomen. She requires further surgery, which, although poses a great risk, is her only chance for survival. Specifically, Lubov requires cytoreductive surgery followed by hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). Perfusion of chemotherapy into the abdomen in the mode of hyperthermia (39̊-43̊ C) has been identified as one of the most effective treatments available today for complex abdominal tumors.

This operation, followed by HIPEC, will be performed by the doctors at Mercy Medical Centre in the state of Baltimore (USA). The foundation approved the signing of a contract with the clinic and will partially sponsor the treatment for Krayushkina.

We hope that this course of treatment will be successful and Lubov will have a chance to defeat this disease.


Sport is health!

In a bid to promote the development of children and youth sports in Russia, our Foundation is working to provide charitable assistance to children’s sports schools of the Transbaikal region.
In particular, the charitable Foundation has sponsored the supply of highly-needed sports equipment for the children’s sports schools.
These venues were supplied with footballs, volleyballs and basketball balls, as well as hockey sticks used for hockey with a ball to correspond the needs of children of different age groups.
We hope that our contribution to children’s sports training will enhance their health and we wish the young athletes persistence, endurance and many sports victories ahead.

In February 2016, Metaco Charity Foundation financed the rehabilitation of two-year-old Daniela Oganesyan at the Galileo Med Medical Centre

DanielaOgonisjan_022016_2Daniela and David Oganesyan are wonderful two-year-old twins. Unfortunately, they not only share a birthday, but also the condition of cerebral palsy. Both children were born prematurely at 23 weeks and endured complicated births, placental abruption and low birth weight (620 and 520 grams respectively), which left them both in critical condition, DanielaOgonisjan_022016_1with their chances of survival being extremely slim.

Even with disappointing diagnoses of hydrocephalus, severe CNS damage and partial atrophy of the optic nerves, their parents are confident that the diagnoses are not a sentence and continue to fight in any way they can, including regular classes, gymnastics, massage and rehabilitative procedures for them both. The twins are experiencing positive results and can now raise their heads, roll over onto their stomachs, manipulate toys in both hands, and are even known to babble. Their parents, although very pleased with their progress so far are fully aware that the most important thing is to build on the twins’ successes and move forward with their rehabilitation.

At the request of Ruzanna, the mother of David and Daniela our Foundation paid DanielaOgonisjan_022016for a rehabilitation course at the Galileo Med Medical Centre for Daniela.

This course included training based on Vaclav Vojta’s technique, which incorporates the use of a Galileo vibration plate, kinesiotaping and logopedic massage. The subsequent improvements are significant: Daniela’s back has straightened, spasticity has decreased, she began to operate with her hands more confidently and use them for support and she also started trying to crawl. We are very pleased that our help was timely and effective.



Help to children and the elderly

Everyone understands that the most vulnerable sections of the population are children and the elderly, as they naturally require more support and assistance. We are able to provide this help.

Realising the complexity and importance of the work of children’s and nursing homes, the Foundation launched two long-term social projects to assist these venues that are not only in need of help today and tomorrow, they are in constant need.

In Moscow, resides the Orthodox St. Sophia Children’s Home catering for children who have their own very personal care requirements. At the end of 2015, the home’s management made an application to the Fund for much needed continuing assistance in paying for the permanent medical support of a paediatrician for 22 children with various challenges. The Foundation has decided to continue the cooperation and provide this vital help in 2016.

Another institution which has been a permanent focus of the Foundation is the Uvarovo Home for the elderly and disabled situated in the Tambov region of Russia. We have been supporting this unit for a protracted time, however, there are yet outstanding issues and there is so much we are willing to do to help. In order to create optimal living conditions for the inpatients who are confined to a bed, in 2016, the Foundation is to undertake the purchasing of absorbent products on a regular basis.

We hope that our contribution will bring at least a little improvement in comfort to the lives of children and the elderly in these homes.

Rehabilitation treatment for Nikita Shishkov

METACO Charity Foundation received a request for help from a mother of a developmentally challenged child, Nikita Shishkov.
Six-year-old Nikita has been living with a diagnosis of autism for the last four years of his life. This serious disorder in a child’s development cannot be cured, but rehabilitation can aid significantly in a child’s integration into society.
Nikita has been undergoing regular courses of rehabilitation, training and treatment and visits a nursery tailored to his particular requirements, which goes a long way to contributing to the improvement of his condition. He is a very bright boy and, so far, he understands speech, distinguishes between colours and completes puzzles, but unfortunately, despite the therapy, his speech has not been developing.

At the request of the child’s mother, Metaco Foundation has paid for a rehabilitation course in the Chinese hospital, “Love Angel” in Beijing and the round-trip flights, Moscow-Beijing-Moscow.
Chinese experts are waiting to see Nikita and his mother on February 18, 2016. We are hoping that the treatment in China will foster positive results and make it possible for the boy to say his first words.

Holidays are coming!

The New Year holiday is an event which captivates and motivates people all around the world, regardless of when2016_1 their2016_2_2 particular New Year falls. It is filled with familiar smells, sounds, thoughts and hopes, as well as the dreams of children contained in letters and secret bedtime prayers hoping to find favour with some magical bestower of wishes.
But what if the constant struggle against ill-health and the tests of life sap the strength2016-3_3 and time of children and their parents and what if their lives consists predominantly of doctors, examinations and hospital wards? That’s when the help of friends really comes in handy. Children have dreams, and our Foundation has the ability and will to contribute greatly towards them. After reaching agreement with parents, we have purchased New Year gifts for the children in need.
We tried to fulfil children’s dreams with care and as accurately as possible. It was just as much a gift for us to search, choose, order and receive these very special gifts for very special recipients. The corner of our office resembled the ‘to be delivered’ section in a toymakers workshop for a few days.
There were ice skates and a rainbow hammock for the Shishkov family; cosmic sand and a developmental musical toy for the Bobrov family, along with a talking steering wheel for the Galkin family. All of the gifts were so enjoyed by our little children in care and their brothers and sisters.
Giving gifts is a joy, but receiving is also pretty good too! Priceless gifts were received by the Foundation from the Shishkov family. On the windowsill in our office now live two penguins, as well as a beautiful garland 2016_4made by Veronica Shishkova, which was crafted from cones and cotton. On the wall hangs a winter picture painted for us by Nikita Shishkov. We give our heartfelt thanks to all of the precious children!
Here at Metaco, we heartily congratulate and send best wishes to everyone for the upcoming New Year and Christmas! Let all adversity remain in the past, and let the New Year bring only happiness!




In December 2015, the Foundation sponsored the rehabilitation of eight-month-old Valeria Arkhipova at the Galileo Med Medical Centre

20160111_Леры АрхиповойLera Arkhipova is a tiny eight-month-old girl from the town of Bugulma, in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. From her birth, the baby’s parents have been fighting for her life and health. Little Lera underwent a difficult birth, after which she spent 7 days in intensive care, including 5 days on a lung ventilator. This was followed by a traumatic barrage of diagnoses including spastic tetraparesis, partial atrophy of the optic nerves, hearing loss in one ear of the third degree, no sucking reflex, 20160111_Леры Архиповой2and a weakly expressed swallowing reflex.

After discharge from the hospital, Lera and her parents began a complex and difficult path to recovery. Along her journey were hospital check-ups, medication, therapeutic massages, exercise therapy, visits to an osteopath, observation by a neurologist, a trip to the Czech Republic for a rehabilitation course and Vojta therapy courses. This is an ongoing process of small, individual steps towards the restoration of this child’s health. At the request of the Lera’s mother, Marina, the Foundation paid for a rehabilitation course at the Moscow Medical Centre.

20160111_Леры Архиповой1Courses for Lera have entailed sessions using a variety of methods including a Galileo vibration plate, sessions with a speech therapist and defectologist, logopedic massage, and the training in rehabilitation techniques for Lera’s mother to continue the good work at home.

The results of the ongoing treatment are clearly visible with a decrease in Lera’s spasticity, while her motor activity has increased, which has aided her body in becoming stabilised. 20160111_Леры Архиповой3There is also a significant psychological and emotional improvement. Upon successful completion of her rehabilitation course, Lera and her mother returned home. As we all know, New Year’s Eve is a time when people hope for their most cherished dreams to come true! We have decided to make a gift to Lera – a Bumbo Floor Seat And Play soft baby armchair for her to learn how to sit up and discover the world around her.

We congratulate the Arkhipov family on a Happy New Year and hope that our gift will bring them a little bit closer to their cherished dream – to cure their daughter.

Exciting farm tour laid-on for Moscow orphanage children

In November 2015, METACO Charity Fund sponsored and organised a fascinating tour “Visiting farmers” Farm20151112_110107for the pupils of Moscow Farm20151112_104713Orphanage №15.

The idea for such a trip emerged out of a desire to introduce children to farming and what is involved, to address the general consensus that children are becoming more and more distant from this “world”. We planned the tour in order that the participants could learn more about how the farms work and have direct contact with animals. We also included an exciting ride and a workshop, so there will be something memorable to take from this trip.

22 children from the orphanage attended and had an opportunity to learn about the conditions of care for cattle and features of their daily life and behaviour. The children 20151112_114057were acquainted with the full cycle of milk production and had a chance to feed cows, curious goats and friendly horses.

After becoming acquainted with the animals, the children took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, then had afternoon tea followed by lots of pictures with animals. This exciting day finished with a workshop for making souvenirs to take with them. The children enjoyed the tour to the farm very much and we hope it was an unforgettable lesson in openness and kindness for them.


Successful rehabilitation course for one-year-old Misha with cerebral palsy

In November 2015, METACO Charity Fund sponsored aMishaGalkin3511 rehabilitation course for one-year-old Mikhail (Misha) Galkin at “Galileo-Med” Medical Centre, Moscow.MishaGalkin3512

Misha, who turned 1-year-old on the 28th November, is a cheerful little boy and always wears a smile on his face, yet his entire life has been spent contending with the consequences of serious illnesses. When he was born, before being discharged from the hospital, he suffered from purulent meningitis and a brain haemorrhage, which forced him to spend the first month of his life in the intensive care unit on assisted ventilation. A number of further diagnoses followed – hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis (cerebral palsy) and partial atrophy of the optic nerve, which led to an endless series of hospitalisations.

By the time he was 10-months-old, Misha could not sit, crawl or turn himself over. However, according to doctors, there were very positive prospects for improvement as Misha could already manipulate toys from one hand to the other, and was clearly reacting to sounds and even smiling. Crucially, Misha should constantly undergo various tailored courses of rehabilitation and practice daily at home with his mother, as, the earlier the effects of cerebral palsy are addressed, the better the potential and scope for recovery can be.

MishaGalkin3513At the request of the child’s mother, Ina, the Fund supplied financial assistance via signed contract to pay for a rehabilitation course at Galileo-Med Centre, Moscow. The course was tailored to Misha’s needs and included sessions using a specially developed vibration platform, “Galileo”, as well as a course with a speech therapist and defectologist, which included special logopedic massage. As an integral part of this course, Misha’s mum was also trained and advised on particular exercises that should be performed at home.

We were very happy with the results. The rehabilitation course has paid off: Misha became active and mobile; his muscles became stronger; he began to roll safely to his stomach; he started supporting his body weight with his arms, and can now pull himself towards the table whilst sitting in his chair. Additionally, he also became far more sociable and shows a lot of interest to the world around him. We wish him well!

Lev, 14 y.o. went through a successful therapy course in Moscow Hospital of Neurology

LevBagin_optFourteen-year-old Lev Bagin has Strumpell-Lorrain disease and lives with progressive stiffness and contraction in the lower limbs. His condition requires regular courses of therapy and rehabilitation. At the request of Lev’s mother, the METACO Fund financed the course of treatment in the Moscow University Hospital of Neurology.
Lev was checked by a neurologist and an epileptologist, plus a specific therapy course was developed. The programme included full body massages, metameric pharmacopuncture sessions, kinesitherapy and sessions with a speech pathologist.
The intensive course of therapy bore positive results which were observed when Lev started lifting his legs more confidently and maintaining his core posture in his back. He even successfully walked without support and rode a tricycle in the safety of the swimming pool.

METACO subsidiary funded a positive change in the workflow of the Cancer Centre in the Republic of Ingushetia

In March 2015, METACO subsidiary, MEDTORGSERVIS JSC supported the creation of a local area network for the Regional Cancer Centre as part of an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Ingushetia. This equipment made it possible to create an information infrastructure that ties together stores and gives access to a vast amount of data for the doctors and administrators of the Centre.
The management of the Cancer Centre required a network that will enable speedy data access and analysis of staff work performance, as well as provide tools for creating balance sheets for any selected period of time or for selected criteria. The general requirement was to develop an effective instrument to organise, control and analyse the work process and bring the quality of health care and the work efficiency of the Centre to a new level.
The network brought a significant and positive difference to the workflow of the Cancer Centre. The changes included:
– Quick access to the most up-to-date information relating to the patient, including recent test results, X-rays, etc.
– New level of confidentiality for patient -data
– Significant time-effectiveness in the report-making process for both doctors and administration staff
– Protection from information loss
– Remote access to the data via Internet, which is a crucial instrument for the operational decision-making of first-aid brigades and doctors visiting patients at home
– Remote consultation with experts from other medical institutions
– A workplace that meets modern requirements, with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface

Marem Yakubovna Arapkhanova, Minister of Health for the Republic of Ingushetia, expressed her gratitude to MEDTORGSERVIS JSC for providing the network equipment to the Centre and expressed hope for further cooperation beneficial for the citizens of Ingushetia.

Maria Spitsyna with cerebral palsy received helpful treatment

SpicinaMasha_optMaria Spitsyna with cerebral palsy lives with spastic tetraparesis. Her mother applied to the METACO Fund to provide charitable assistance for her child’s rehabilitation.
The Fund has secured an agreement with ‘Akademia Zdorovia’ LLP and paid for Maria’s course of treatment, which included check-ups from an orthopaedist and a neurologist, plus a tailored programme of physical therapy, massages, therapy using a Galileo vibration plate, physiotherapy, yoga therapy and biofeedback therapy.
Angelina, 5 y.o. with cerebral palsy, makes her first confident steps
The diagnosis for five-year-old Angelina Martovetskaya, 5 y.o., is cerebral palsy with spastic diplegia, which ordinarily would have destined her to be the girl who couldn’t stand or walk without help. Angelina’s mother applied for help to the METACO Charity Fund and we arranged for the girl to attend a course of treatments in Sakura Rehabilitation Centre in the city of Chelyabinsk.
This course was focused on improving Angelina’s ability to move and walk independently. A course was tailored for her in the Centre, which included individual classes of adaptive physical education, special gymnastics with elements of stretching, body massage, reflexology, manipulative therapy and other focused treatments.
Angelina’s mother was happy to share the positive results of the rehabilitation course: Angelina began to elevate herself onto all fours and crawl with ease. The spasticity in her legs decreased, which made it easier to make steps when walking along the wall or with the help of an adult. She became able to hold her balance well, which prompted her to start using her whole foot whilst stepping more often.

TOGBSUSON_furniture_optNew dining hall in Uvarovskiy Home for Elderly and Disabled
At the request of the management at Uvarovskiy Home for the Elderly and Disabled, a new set of dining hall furniture was procured and installed.



Urgent help for a four-year-old Angelina with renal failure

Angelina Tetkina, 4 y.o., from Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okgur is living with renal failure and is treated via automated peritoneal dialysis (APD). Angelina developed a severe complication – tunnel peritonitis. Her nephrologist from Regional Clinical Hospital in the city of Salekhard, requested our Charity Fund to help with the urgent removal of a peritoneal catheter for Angelina, with a temporary transfer to haemodialysis, followed by implantation of a new catheter and return to APD.
The situation was urgent and complicated – in Angelina’s region there was not only a lack of supplies for haemodialysis for small children, but also the doctors were not qualified to implant new peritoneal dialysis catheters. Repeated requests to the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital (RCCH) in Moscow were declined, due to pressures of workload and oversubscription to the Nephrology Department.
METACO Charity Fund sought the help of Vadym Vashchenko, the Director of MEDTORGSERVIS: a company which builds and equips hospitals across Russia. He took Angelina’s plight to heart and did everything possible to arrange her urgent treatment at RCCH. Little Angelina received the most highly professional and timely medical care possible.

2_20150502_martovckaja_optAngelina Martovetskaya took a course of dolphin therapy
1_20150503_martovckaja_optThe justification for financing Angelina’s 10 day trip to Moskaya Zveda in Sochi, Russia 2015 was to enable her to take part in a special rehabilitation programme for children living with cerebral palsy. This programme involved children undertaking a therapeutic course of swimming with dolphins. Such courses, known as ‘dolphin therapy’, are recognised around the world as a unique, useful, medical and psychological rehabilitation technique and instruction for children. Angelina’s mother remarked at the positive changes in her daughter’s abilities as a result of this therapy.



Medical supervision for children of St.Sophia Orthodox Children’s Orphanage

The children of St.Sophia Orphanage with severe developmental issues require dedicated and professional medical supervision to maintain general health and minimise the risk of seasonal diseases. Those who recently changed their place of residence and are adapting to a new environment especially need extra-careful health-monitoring. METACO secured medical support provided by ‘Trekhgorka Medicine’ Ltd, which facilitated 21 children from the St.Sophia Orphanage with access to medical paediatrician care for 6 months and no less than 20 hours a week.

TOGBSUSON1_optTransportation and chaperones for Uvarovskiy Home for Elderly and Disabled
TOGBSUSON2_optAt the request of the management of the Home, METACO has provided the following services to cater for those with limited mobility and the disabled:
– Chaperones for escorting clients around the premises of the Home, as well as to medical appointments, exercise facilities and to all recreational installations
– Chaperones for walks within the grounds of the home and surrounding area
– Transportation to health institutions at the nearby towns of Uvarovo and Tambov
For the spring and summer period, we hired an additional staff member for the home to undertake ad-hoc duties and provide cover.


Artem Makarov is supported by medicine while waiting for his kidney
13 year old Artem suffered from a severe trauma, which resulted in the rupture of his kidney. The kidney was subsequently removed and Artem was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. At present, Artem is an in-patient at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital awaiting a kidney transplant, for which he is in the queue. At the request of the Administration of Tula in February 2015, METACO purchased the necessary medicine for Artem, whilst he waits for his much needed kidney transplant.

Wheelchair for Stepan Tsukanov, January 2013
Born 2007 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Stepan was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type I. METACO provided Stepan with a Kimba Neo wheelchair, size 2 in order to give him more freedom of movement and a sense of autonomy.

PitomnikSobaki1_optChildren of Moscow Orphanage enjoyed a fun trip to husky nursery
PitomnikSobaki_optIn November 2014, the METACO Charity Fund received a request from Moscow Orphanage No.15 to provide charitable assistance for a trip to the husky nursery for the children of the Orphanage.
We were excited to arrange and support this trip. Children were given the opportunity to meet the most tame huskies, learned about the history of the breed, as well as the roles these dogs played in the discovery and settlement in the snowy and remote territories of the North and South Poles. Children were able to communicate and play with dogs and expanded their range of interests. The trip ended with a fun dogsled ride. We hope this day will stay in their memory as a special one.

Effective rehabilitation at Research Institute for Childhood Infections, St Petersburg
Support is ongoing in the case of Mikhail Prudenko (born 2006, Murmansk), who was diagnosed with infectious polyradiculopathy, lower paraplegia and impaired pelvic functions. After undergoing intensive rehabilitation in the Research Institute for Childhood Infections, his condition improved. Mikhail’s neuromuscular activity was stimulated via robotic therapeutic apparatus ‘Motion Marker’, as well as a course of cell-regenerative therapy consisting of four intravenous injections of mesenchymal stem cells directly into bone marrow.
Pokrovskiy Stem Cell Bank in St Petersburg takes the patient’s biological material, isolates the stem cells and increases cell volume to the required level in vitro, which is in part achieved by purifying the biological material and maintaining the stem cells at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. To date, Mikhail has taken part in four intravenous stem cell introduction procedures.

16185733WFMercy mission to Maryland
In the case of Georgiy Adamia (born 2000, Tula), his diagnosis is described as desmoplastic small-round-cell tumour of the lesser pelvis. We organised and financed his hospitalisation at the Mercy Medical Centre, Baltimore, Maryland in order to undergocytoreductive surgery,followed by chemotherapy. This took place January 2014 and lasted for a duration of 12 hours, after which time doctors commenced chemotherapy treatment via hyperthermic regime (39-43C), which lasted for 2 hours. The combined effect of chemotherapy and hyperthermia worked excellently for Georgiy and he has therefore returned to Russia to start a 34 week course of chemotherapy, after which we will support his return to the U.S. for further attention.

DDI15_pantera2_optImportant specialist equipment for Orphanage no.15 Moscow.
PantheraU2 equipment has been acquired in support for mentally-challenged children of Orphanage no.15 Moscow. This apparatus is crucial to aid in rehabilitating children with muscular-skeletal or motor deficiency issues to promote independent movement within care facilities and in the external environment.



METACO and the Centre for Curative Pedagogics join forces
In collaboration with the Centre of Curative Education, the financing of a project of special classes for 11 children from Orphanage No.15 Moscow was undertaken and was in effect for a duration of one year. Children with severe or multiple conditions such as Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and the audio/visually impaired were engaged into beneficial activities guided by experienced tutors and instructors from the disciplines of speech pathology, music therapy, hearing, vision and movement.

Terjohin_optTerjohin1_optContinued support leads to more-tailored care
Dmitriy Terekhin (born 2013, Tula), who received a preliminary diagnosis of occlusive hydrocephalus, has continued to receive our support. For a duration of four months, until March 2014, Dmitriy was under the care of Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery in Moscow. Test results indicated an active inflammatory issue, which steered the treatment towards that for Meningocephalitis, for which ventricular drainage was necessarily re-installed as required. After Dmitriy’s condition improved, the decision was taken to perform shunt surgery. Neurosurgeons inserted a special tube called a ‘shunt’, through which the excessive volume of cerebrospinal fluid captured in the brain can be diverted into another area of the body, usually the abdominal cavity. Currently, Dmitriy is at home undergoing rehabilitation and is developing and progressing as expected for his condition.

Alina treated effectively for palsy in Hungary
Arrangements were made with the Pato Institute of Conductive Education, Hungary for the rehabilitation of Alina Kapucheva (born 2002, Karachay-Cherkessia Republic), for the treatment of cerebral palsy in September 2014. Alina’s mother, Zarema noted significant positive changes in her daughter’s condition and abilities and was full of gratitude for the opportunity given to her child to undertake such an effective course.

Therapy course in St. Petersburg Research Institute for Michael from Murmansk
Nine-year-old Michael Prudenko from Murmansk lives with polyradiculopathy, lower paraplegia and impaired pelvic functions. METACO Charity Fund offered Michael’s mother help by arranging the treatment of her son at the Research Institute of Children Infections in St. Petersburg. We were eager to start the relationship with Research Institute as soon as possible so that Michael could get his full check-up and go through the promising therapy course.
His check-up started with full electromyoneurography (EMNG) and also included the research of visual, auditory, cognitive and growth brainstem evoked potentials. Based on research and better understanding of Michael’s condition, a tailored therapy course was developed, which included pharmacological therapy, full body massages, halotherapy, electrophoresis and electrostimulation.
After the treatment course doctors repeated the EMNG test and recorded positive statistics. Michael was recommended to return for another course of treatment in six months time.

New equipment for St.Sophia Orthodox Orphanage
The first private orphanage for the disabled, St.Sophia received a ‘Panda X’ wheelchair plus attachments. This equipment helps children achieve correct posture when sitting and take part in developmental activities with therapists.

Repairs and computer lab in Magadan Orphanage
In April 2007, the director of the Orphanage for the mentally challenged in the city of Magadan appealed to METACO asking to provide charitable assistance in the repair of offices:
– Repair of plumbing systems, refurbishment of sanitary equipment
– Replacement of windows and doors
– Reparation and general fixes around the premises.
We responded to this request, undertaking all expense required to carry out all necessary repairs at the Orphanage. It was decided to further help and arrange support that will be beneficial for, as well as focused directly on children. We equipped a computer technology space, which is a vital stimulus for children needing to learn new skills and adapt to the modern world.

Compensation for Valeriy to cover the cost of a kidney tumour operation
Valeriy Rasporopshin from the town of Noyabrsk, sought after the help of METACO Charity Fund to compensate him for the cost of his treatment.
Valeriy was admitted to Moscow Clinical Research Centre in September 2013, diagnosed with a left kidney tumour. The diagnosis was confirmed and Valeriy was subsequently operated upon.
By decision of the Board of the Fund, Valeriy was provided funds to compensate him for the expense of the treatment.