Contribution to the cultural heritage

METACO LLP is actively supporting the revival of abandoned churches and other holy places of the Russian Orthodox Church. Corporate charity fund, ‘Schast’e est” (Happiness is) has developed a specific programme in support of Russian cultural heritage. This initiative, ‘Vozrozhdenie’ (Revival) specialises in the following kinds of help:

  • Financing and organisation of historical, archival, archeological, topographical and other studies related to the revival of the abandoned churches and other holy places of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Financing and organisation of restoration works
  • Organisation of fundraising events, as well as further planning and use of the funds
  • Financing of other research projects related to the Russian Orthodox Church

METACO took part in supporting the building of the new Church and Community Centre in Tottenham Hale, London
The vision for placing a community centre and a church at the heart of the new housing development in the Hale Village was spearheaded by the Diocese of London. METACO, jointly with the Fund of the Diocese, supported this vital project from its beginning in 2013.
This project combines the services of The Church of England and Engine Room Community Centre for the growing number of local residents and those seeking help. Engine Room is already playing a role as a catalyst in building the community in the heart of Hale Village, but requires the construction of a new space to carry on with its mission – to supply every resident of the Hale Village with daily opportunities to share their lives, make new friends, grow spiritually and unlock their potential for giving back to others.
We were witnessing the growth of the Church and the residents Centre, and its increasing success among local residents. In summer 2016, the Church and Engine Room start their work in a new building with a modern renovation to suit the needs of working with young people, families, children and students. We hope that the new building will offer more opportunities for local residents of all ages to find friends, apply their talents and grow spiritually together.

(Read the Progress Report of Church and Community Centre Project from June 2015)


METACO supported the reconstruction of St. Michael’s Cathedral, destroyed during religious persecutions
Izevsk1_optSt. Michael’s Cathedral is located in the very heart of the city of Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtia Region. Its byzantine-style architecture, which is reminiscent of St.Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, makes it one of the main attractions of the region.
The Cathedral was erected between 1897-1907 on the highest hill within the city thanks to the donations of the Izhevsk Factory workers. Tragically, it was completely destroyed in 1938 during the years of religious persecutions in the USSR. For many years, those who witnessed the destruction held onto hopes for a time of the revival of the Cathedral, and in 1990 the project for the reconstruction started to be developed.
In 2003, the first stone was laid, and from that moment the painstaking work began in the reconstruction of St. Michael’s Cathedral back to its original form, at its original historic site – at the highest point in the city. Within four years the church was completely reconstructed, and in August 2007 it was consecrated by the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexy ΙΙ, on its opening.
Izevsk2_optToday, just like a hundred years ago, St. Michael’s Cathedral and its territory is one of the favourite places of the residents of the city. Also, just like hundred years ago, the funds were raised by everyone who felt a connection – investors, benefactors, sponsors and citizens of Izhevsk. Following the tradition of philanthropy, METACO partook in supporting the reconstruction of St. Michael’s Cathedral. In his letter of thanks, Nikolay, the Metropolitan of Izhevsk and Udmurtia noted that donations made by METACO emerged as a significant contribution to the ongoing process of the revival of the Orthodox shrines.


Completed construction of the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the Russian Far East
Svjato-Troickij4_optSvjato-Troickij3_optMagadan Trinity Cathedral, built as a monument to the victims of political repression, is the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East of Russia. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for a duration of 10 years and was supported by way of governmental and charitable funds.
METACO Fund contributed in both the early stages of construction and with the final internal works. In particular, the Fund financed the creation of icons by the icon-painters of The Trinity Lavra of St. Segius, which is the most important Russian monastery and spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.
On the first of September 2011, the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Kirill consecrated the Trinity Cathedral and gave it the status of Cathedral of the Diocese of Magadan.

21st Century Endeavour for the benefit of heritage

interior52-1024x768_optIn Sweden, 1945, the keel of the vessel known as “Earl of Pembroke” was laid. Its former life was as a schooner named “Orion”, one of the last sailing ships hauling wood on the Baltic Sea. METACO funded the restoration of this vessel to resemble the legendary 18th century “Endeavour”, the ship on board which Captain Cook journeyed to Australia across the Pacific. It’s understood that Cpt Cook’s ship was formerly named “Earl of Pembroke”, and for this reason this beautiful square-rigger was honoured with this noble name.

In 2012, “Earl of Pembroke” received a racy addition worthy of any sailing ship – scarlet sails, as a tribute to Alexander Grin’s novel, the Scarlet Sails. Witnesses of this magnificent ship in its prime spoke of the amazing aura it had acquired and how it fired the imagination of the watcher.

We are proud to be involved in the restoration of this great ship as a contribution to the preservation of history and to be a provider of opportunities for people to learn more about objects and constructions of historical importance and heritage. It can only be a matter of good taste that “Earl of Pembroke” is loved by the real romantics, those who value authenticity and everyone else.

Keeping the light burning in Tambov

Lavrov_1_smallContinuing in our help and support of Smolenskiy Orthodox church in Tambov region, we ordered and delivered liturgical utensils such as a grand, ornamental Evangeliar, an alter with a 106 candle capacity and 3 grand chandeliers.




Radiography equipment for the Institute of Oncology in the Republic Moldova
KirillMoldovaThanksLetter_optIn October 2011, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill paid a charitable visit to the Institute of Oncology in the Republic of Moldova. During this visit, with the blessing of the Patriarch, the METACO Charity Fund, together with the Russian Orthodox Church, donated modern radiography equipment to the Institute.
This act of charity has been met with heartfelt gratitude. Patriarch Kirill, for his part, expressed his gratitude for the good deeds of the Fund to the President of METACO and all staff involved.